AGV Stealth SV

I  recently binned my beloved SHOEI, which means I’m rocking my spare AGV Stealth SV these days, and I’m sorry to say this, but I really am hating it.
It’s only an old cheapie, so I know I shouldn’t expect too much, but it is turning ridding into a rather miserable experience.
First of all, it’s a really chunky helmet so not only do I look like a lollipop head, but the wind resistance is a bit of an issue too. The particularly massive “jaw” makes shoulder checks very difficult even on a naked bike, let alone on a supersport, where you’re leaning forward. Every time I want to do a lifesaver, I hit my shoulder.
It’s a very breathable helmet, so great for short, summer rides, but I wouldn’t recommend it for fast or long ones. The wind noise is unbearable even with earplugs. I know newer spec AGV helmets are much better, so I’m not saying I will never buy an AGV again, but this helmet in particular I do NOT recommend.

4 thoughts on “AGV Stealth SV

  1. i know the feeling I bought an agv compact to replace my my ageing shoei xr1000 I hate it with a passion its heavy noisy and overall rubbish I’m never scrimping on a helmet again. You do get what you pay for with helmets I found out the hard way.

  2. Hi Jo, I also had similar issues with AGV helmets. I decided to do some research and found a very lightweight helmet that ticked all the boxes. It’s a helmet by a company called NEXX. Model is XR1R. Absolutely brilliant. Wider viewing arc. Very comfy and you can’t even feel the weight of it when it’s in! Might be worth trying out!

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