My road tyre – Metzler Sportec M7 RR

You know what I hate?

When a brand comes up with a product that’s absolutely brilliant, and as soon as they realise just how popular it is, they come up with an “upgrade” that is actually worse, and then discontinue the good stuff.

I have been using Michelin Pilot Road 3’s as my road tyres since I could remember. They lasted AGES, were grippy in the wet and overall fantastic. And then Michelin discontinued them, and introduced the Pilot Road 4’s instead, which last nowhere near as long and the grip isn’t great either.

Oh boy, am I upset with them for doing that! Clearly it’s a dirty tactic to make us buy these tyres more frequently and spend more money with them.

No! Just no.

A while ago I set myself a goal of finding a substitute for the good old PR3’s, and a couple of months later I can report, that I think I may have succeeded.

I put my find through a thorough test, during my Euro Trip, and I was hugely impressed.
I’ve ridden in the wet, in the dry, on a really hot tarmac, through the clouds, on a motorway and gravel roads. And these tyres never missed a beat. I had some trust issues at first, but I’m telling you, my confidence grew every day. The only thing I have yet to find out is how long they last. But judging by the pretty much non-existent wear after 3k miles, I think we have a winner!

The tyre is Metzler Sportec M7 RR, and needless to say, I highly recommend!

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  1. Had PR3’s on my RR and they were excellent however just last weekend put some PR4’s on my XR. Maybe I should have got some PR3’s …….. time will tell !! –

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