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Calendar 2019 – Out Of Stock

All stickers are the same size (10cm x 4.5cm). The carbon sticker is fairly thick and will stick well only to flat surface.

GoGo JoJo - Carbon £10.00

GoGo JoJo – Carbon £10.00

GoGo JoJo - Purple £6.00

GoGo JoJo – Purple £6.00


To apply the sticker, you need a smooth, dry and fairly flat surface. Lay it on a hard surface, graphic side down. Firmly rub the entire backing with your hand or a credit card. Start at one corner and peel away the thick, paper backing with rolling action. Hold two sides of the transfer tape and stick to your desired surface. Smooth every letter, through the transfer tape, onto the surface separately. It doesn’t matter if the transfer tape has bubbles and creases, as long as the letter are smooth. Slowly and gently peel off the transfer tape, starting at one corner. Ta-da! :)